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Letters of Love

"40L has published a very powerful phonics program for teaching children and adults to read. Paul's Epistle to the Romans was chosen as the Reader. The program has been programmed linguistically to include all the spelling patterns in the KJV of Romans.

I recently had one high school drop out who could only read on a 3rd grade level when he came to me. After 12 evenings watching the phonics lessons he was able to improve to independent 9th grade, which was as far as my test was geared. Coupling a powerful phonics program with the power of the Gospel in Romans is a life transforming combination indeed." - Don Potter, Teacher and Tutor

"My oldest daughter, who is 13, told me that the videos are really helping because, in the past, when she came to a word she didn't know she would just skip it, but now she is sounding it out. Last night my 8 year old daughter read Hop On Pop to me and when she came upon a two-syllable word she told me where the divide would be!

I am thrilled with how well this is working. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" - Rene in Texas

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